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This feature allows you to email a friend a specific web page from the Toosh Coosh website that you think will be of interest to them. No personal information or details will be collected. No email addresses, names, page impressions etc

*** HAPPY CUSTOMER GUARANTEE – Customer Satisfaction is very important to us and we are so convinced that once you try Toosh Coosh you will love it, we are offering a ‘money back’ guarantee.  So if you are not happy for any reason then you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund – that’s how confident we are about Toosh Coosh!

Your feedback is important so we only ask that you send us an e-mail request with a valid reason for your return.

  1. Is or becomes faulty through no fault of your own (excludes where evidence of damage, misuse or abuse or where covered by manufacturers warranty)
  2. Is not fit for its intended purpose
  3. Does not match our product descriptions
  4. The product has defects that were not obvious or we did not bring to your attention.

In some cases you will be required to produce proof of purchase. If you cannot provide proof of purchase Toosh Coosh may not offer you a refund or exchange to the value of the product.

In the case of Products with a manufacturer’s warranty, Toosh Coosh will return the product to the supplier or manufacturer (or their repair agent) in order to determine the fault. If the product is deemed faulty, not of merchantable quality, or not fit for purpose, Toosh Coosh will offer a refund or exchange to the value of the purchase. If the product is faulty, Toosh Coosh reserves the right to replace or repair the product. If the product is deemed non faulty, misused or abused, Toosh Coosh will not provide a refund.

Extra points to note with regards to returns:

  1. Toosh Coosh reserves the right to assess the age and condition of each product returned prior to offering a refund or exchange to the value of the purchase. A refund will not be given if
    1. A valid receipt or proof of purchase is not presented
    2. The product has been misused or mistreated
    3. The product has been reasonably used and is outside any warranty periods
    4. The product is not complete and accessories, instruction manuals and/or original packaging are not returned at the same time.
  2. When a refund is granted and a valid receipt of purchase is presented, Toosh Coosh will refund or or exchange to the amount that the item was originally purchased for. If a receipt cannot be produced and a return is
    1. granted, Toosh Coosh will refund the amount that the product is listed in the system on the day of return.
    2. Toosh Coosh will not accept bank or credit card statements as a valid proof of purchase. Paypal transactions IDs will be accepted.


  3. Warranty
    Toosh Coosh takes pride in our Australian designed quality made product that is covered under a 1 Year Warranty.Your warranty covers the cost of replacing or repairing your Toosh Coosh due to any product defects in the material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the original date of purchase.What this warranty does not cover:

    • Misuse – where the product has been misused or mistreated and there is visible evidence of damage.

    Warnings – Improper use of this product may result in injury so please note the following warnings:

    • Not recommended for children under the age of 3yrs
    • Never leave child unattended – always keep child in view
    • Toosh Coosh is NOT suitable for all chairs including some stools, chairs without backs and dome seated chairs.
    • Toddler Tray is NOT suitable for all tables including those with rounded or beveled edges.
    • Toosh Coosh seats and Toddler Tray is not a toy so should not be thrown or misused
    • Toosh Coosh seats and Toddler Tray should only be stacked for easy storage
    • Toosh Coosh seats – DO NOT use in motor vehicles, as it does not meet the Australian Safety Standards for car booster seats

Note: The guarantee excludes postage costs and goods must be returned in the original packaging with carry bag included.

Toosh Coosh – Return Policy

Types of Returns

1) Happy Customer Guarantee – 30 Day Money back
1) Faulty or not fit for use returns
2) Warranty Returns

Faulty, non merchantable quality or misrepresented product returns
Toosh Coosh will provide a refund or exchange to the value of the purchase if a product (except goods under Manufacturers warranty):

Instructions for use: Place the Toosh Coosh Kids Support Seat on chair and ensure it is centered correctly, place child on the seat and push the chair into position. Do not leave child unattended.

Please the Toddler Tray on the table and make sure it is secure, place child on the chair and push the child into position up to the table so they can reach the tray. Do not leave child unattended.

Cleaning: Your Toosh Coosh products can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe of a damp cloth and soapy water. Not suitable for the dishwasher.

How to return an item:  Please e-mail:  to arrange a return.