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Oct. 2017 – The Baby Industry had a group of Mum’s review our Toosh Coosh boosters so click the image below to find out what they had to say: 


Here are some other rave reviews and testimonials from delighted parents:

May I just say how much we love your products – we already have two Toosh Cooshes and a Toddler Tray that our 4 year old uses (and cracks up if she doesn’t have it!). This tray is for our 2 year old who has recently ‘graduated’ to a chair with his Toosh Coosh and he loves being a ‘big boy’. Your products are perfectly designed and we love them – I have told all my mum-friends about them too!  Philippa  NSW


Our Toosh Coosh seats arrived this morning and they are fantastic. My 2 year old loves it and my 4 year old will get hers when she comes home from pre school! My mum is so impressed she is going to order two for her house too! What a fantastic product.  Elissa & the Nanny 


My little now three year old is a very tall girl and has been using the Booster Seat and Toddler Tray (she chose the one with the robot!!) and just loves it. The only one who loves it more is me, her Mum!! Fantastic product, easy to use, easy to clean, comfortable and secure – it has made meal times much happier for all of us, as my little one can sit at the table at just the right height to eat and messes are cleaned up. Only suggestion would be to make a cover for the seat so it can be easily carried/transported out and about. Congraulations on a fantastic AUSSIE product!   Sherryn

Riley is 3 in a few weeks and I have been having the biggest struggle come meal time and started doing some research, Thats when I found the ultimate in mealtime solution… TOOSH COOSH!   Laura

Our Toosh Coosh booster seat turned up and I’ve been asked to say thank you from my little boy who got to take it out last weekend to a restaurant and is now a fan 🙂  Simon

My daughter (who wasn’t supposed to get the toddler tray…but now its firmly hers) loves the toddler tray.  She’ll also be using the toosh coosh when we are out and about (we have tripp trapps at home).  I’m looking forward to it as she used a similar booster in a restaurant while we were away and it was so much easier.  Kylie NSW 

 I couldn’t believe how fast the delivery was and the quality of the toosh coosh, I just love it and so does my little boy, not to mention the price 🙂 Thank you soooo much from ONE VERY VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!   Sherrie

So happy with our Toosh Coosh received today. It is absolutely perfect for my five year old and the carry bag means we can take it to the grandparents house (and anywhere else really). Congratulations on producing a quality, innovative product! Rebecca Letson

Got our Toosh Coosh this the week. Tried it out for first time today…Just awesome..Our little one loved sitting next to his older siblings at the table (not in highchair). Great product…many thanks Jade Hodge

We bought 2 today and since we have got home my girls have been sitting in them on the floor!! They love them!! Thank you again for your friendly advice and fantastic product 🙂 best money I have ever spent 🙂 – Kylie NSW

I am a happy owner of a toddler tray that we use every day (it even travelled to Germany with me this time) and my Mum in Germany would like to give some away as presents. Is it possible to have four sent to Germany? Or can we purchase them through your UK supplier if that’s the easier option?   Rika 

Physiotherapists at our Movement Solutions Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice recommend the Toosh Coosh for a number of reasons:

It promotes good posture as it is supportive and conforms to the child’s thighs. Because it is comfortable children will readily use it. Children also like it as they can sit up at the “big table” and participate in family mealtime activities.

Parents also like the Toosh Coosh as it is portable and cleans easily. Dace Johnson, Paediatric Physiotherapist – Movement Solutions QLD

Hip Little One – Today’s hip find is the Australian designed Toosh Coosh – Kids’ Support Seats, a simple, stylish and portable booster seat. What a brilliant solution to mealtime problems for little people, and big ones too because this design is not just for cheeky toddlers. Read more about this hip find review here

Hey Bambini – Road test Toosh Coosh! Another family summer holiday down and another milestone for Mr 3 to mark off, yep he can use his cutlery like a super star, drink from a big boy cup without a lid and yes he is sitting at the table with the grownups all thanks to our new Toosh Coosh! You can read their full rave review here

Our toosh cooshes arrived a few weeks ago and have been a success since their first night! The kids are probably just a tiny bit small for them yet, but since they’re so comfortable and dont have the “baby” straps on them, I know we’ll get many years use from them. We’ve already taken them out on a picnic, where they were very useful! The kids now ask if they should pack their booster seats whenever we go out! 🙂 Lisa – Aspenvale VIC

My daughter just loves her Toosh Coosh!!! I can’t get her off it, she drags it everywhere around the house with her to use even when she sits on the floor. Thank you so much for this. Michelle Di Micco – NSW

I absolutely love Toosh Coosh & all because Ella won’t eat without it! She actually sits at the table, doesn’t move & loves the height – being able to lean properly over her bowl when she eats is an even better for me! I see a real market in the restaurant/café industry as well as privately at home. I would definitely buy one & recommend them to anyone with kids over about age 3. Sally – St Kilda VIC

We bought one of these for my 3 year old little man and I just love it! My little guy is so short, lol.. He had so much trouble with eating at the table, but he was too big for his highchair.. This is just perfect for him! he loves to sit in it and he looks so comfy and grown up.. I have recommended this to so many people now, they have all been very impressed by it! Alison – Sydney NSW

Toosh Coosh helps out – this story touched my heart ………

Hi Jo,

It was great to meet you at the Sydney Expo and we have had a lot of success with the Toosh Coosh. As we discussed our son has a sensory processing disorder and since he had out grown his fisher price boost seat he had been sitting on just our normal kitchen chairs. Sitting on just the chair meant if we got 2-3 minutes of sitting time it was a miracle as he would be off before eating no more than 2 or 3 mouth fulls of dinner.

Since using the Toosh Coosh for the last 2 weeks since the expo I can say we have zero problems keeping him in the chair without too much encouragement which has made dinner a lot less stressful. He can sit for a full 15 minutes or more should we all be there for longer at all meals (if it could only magically help him actually eat all his food then it would be a true miracle!).

So thanks for telling us all about your great new product it has made a huge difference to our family and our son loves his new big boy seat! Ryan Patterson – Sydney Dad NSW

Toosh Coosh can also be found on WOMOW – Word of Mouth on the Web where you can check out more great testimonials by clicking this link: http://www.womow.com.au/search/toosh-coosh-in-Australia/M0001001

” My son Hudson’s Toosh Coosh is now the preferred seat in the house… All of his cousins who are much older than him are trying to steal the tooshcoosh away from him. Even my nearly 2 year old has enjoyed his desserts sitting on the toosh coosh .. Even better its australian made and we love it!” David Askew NSW

“We’ve had to order an additional Toosh Coosh for our youngest daughter after our 5 year old enjoyed her’s so much . Easy to clean, Australian, environmental. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, homework and craft times, its a winner in our family. Thanks so much we love it!” Susan Hill QLD

Rave Reviews – Toosh Coosh is now featured on Kidspot.com to help spread the word about our wonderful new product and we joined the Mum’s Say group. See what they have to say about Toosh Coosh on their blog by just clicking the link below and scroll down to read their fantastic rave reviews.


“We received Zack’s Toosh Coosh yesterday and he loves it. He is still a little bit short in it(which I knew he would be), but no shorter than he was sitting on a pillow. He can still eat perfectly at the table though and it means we will get a number of years use out of it. Thanks for a great product.” Nicole McVey

‎”Ah,Toosh Coosh! Bringing comfort to backsides of infant Australia for generations to come” Anton Ferrari

As an Occupational Therapist, I was excited to see my daughter’s enhanced seated posture in the Toosh Coosh which is an added bonus so thank you! Margie Ratcliffe

Awesome product – arrived today! Londyn our 3 yr old LOVES IT! He’s using it to watch tv, has used it to have lunch and I LOVE how soft it is! Fabulous!!!!!!!!!! Many many thanks and your product ROCKS!!!!!!!! Michelle Hayward

It’s brilliant! Perfect height and nice and soft so won’t damage the timber chairs like the old booster seat has nor will it slip off! ML, Mt Hawthorn WA

Just got our Toosh Cooshes in the the mail today…. WOW!!!! So soft and comfortable, Jess and GG love them. CB, Hallshead WA

Got our Toosh Coosh today ! Its a great product ! Leticia enjoyed her dinner tonight with her Mummy n Daddy and she dosnt try to get off the chair herself so it really does work! 🙂 Sasha Egan

“My son Oli is sitting up on the Toosh Coosh and lovin’ it. Can’t tell you how brilliant it is, he says it’s fantastic……. his words.” KM, Concord NSW

‘’You will be delighted to know that my children had a fight over who was sitting in the Toosh Coosh for breakfast. Think I’ll need to put an order in for two!” Catherine Rochford

“Kahlan has seriously never sat up at the table for dinner like he did last night and…… he loved it! Leah Louey

Thank you Toosh Coosh! The Toddler trays arrived for my two independent little souls who are happily able to feed themselves without feeding the dogs and cat with their missed spoonfuls that continually falls on the floor!! Felicity L

Just wanted to say thank you for the quick delivery and fantastic service I received with my daughters toosh coosh. My daughter absolutely loves it (in fact she is sitting in it right now on the floor). Meal times are going to be so much easier now that she has something safe and comfy to sit on. Thanks again! Enza