Mealtimes can be hard to manage and stressful time for many families so are sometimes avoided but with the right advice and support tools, mealtimes can become and enjoyable bonding experience with long term benefits.

Mealtimes Without Mayhem draws on a field of experts including Dr. McMillan - Nutritionist, Kate DiPrima - Dietitian for fussy Eaters and Michael Grose - Parenting expert, to give you the tools to:

  • Understand the importance of family Mealtimes.
  • Learn the Benefits of Eating Together.
  • Manage Mealtime Mayhem with effective techniques.
  • Establish a routine and understand behaviors.
  • Learn how to deal with fussy eaters.
  • Build a strong foundation by connecting through communication.
  • Understand the philosophy of food and the ritual of sharing meals.
  • Create nourishing family meals with good cooking and planning.
  • Unlock the secrets to maintaining the balance - you can do it.