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Family meals can be hard work – there’s the planning, shopping, preparing and cooking … and that’s before the family are even seated at the table. It’s no wonder parents are always tired and cranky!

If you have younger children, family meals can be even more difficult. Toddlers can be fussy, messy eaters and it can sometimes take longer to clean up after them than to feed them.

Older children quickly grow out of their high chairs and want to sit up like a “big kid”, especially if they have older brothers or sisters.  But even though they’ve grown out of their high chair, they’re often not quite big enough to reach the dinner table without kneeling on the chair. This is frustrating and because they’re too short to reach the table, they can be almost as messy as a toddler.

Children’s booster seats are available, however most look like baby seats and many kids don’t want to use them.

So what’s the solution?

Toosh Coosh Mealtime Solutions has developed a range of products to make family meals easier and less messy.

Toosh Coosh Booster Seat

Kids love the Toosh Coosh Booster Seat, which was specially designed for kids who have outgrown their baby booster seat. Designed for kids aged over 3 years, the portable booster seats are soft and comfortable, giving kids the height they need to comfortably sit at the table with the rest of the family.

The Toosh Coosh booster seat is also portable, so parents can take the chair to restaurants, cafes or other venues where their kids need a boost.

Toosh Coosh Toddler Tray

Designed for messy toddlers, the Toosh Coosh Toddler Trays stop plates sliding out of reach and contain mess – so you don’t spend family meals cleaning up after your little one. The melamine trays are durable and dishwasher safe, with colourful educational graphics that kids love.

Portable and light, the trays can be used as a travel tray and for kids’ arts and crafts, keeping messy paints, beads or building blocks in one place.