work-life balance

Times are tough for the modern family. Mom goes to work early, dad stays at work late, and kids are spread between school and soccer practice and singing lessons. With the family moving in so many different directions it’s easy to see why maintaining work-life balance is nearly impossible these days.

Traditionally, the “maintaining work-life balance” conversation was discussed in relation to working moms but in a recent TIME article, it was explained that even dads are struggling with it. Now we know it’s not just a “mom” issue, this affects the entire family! So how can we combat this? Forbes recently published a blog that seems to list several solutions, but one piece is obviously missing: spending time with family.

Spending time with family should be the #1 priority for maintaining work-life balance. And what easier way is there to do that then around the dinner table?

Sharing family meals kills two birds with one stone. First you’re spending time with family, learning about each other, bonding; sharing culture, values, and traditions. Second, you’re unwinding. At the dinner table you’re free from the stress of work or school. You can shut off the noise of the outside world and focus on what really matters.

If you’re a busy parent I want to challenge you this upcoming week: take some time out this week to prepare a meal for your family. Turn off all electronics, talk about your day, and enjoy each other’s company. Keep doing this consistently – add in lunch & breakfast too – and after a while you’ll find that work-life balance will be maintained.