Transitioning from High Chair to Booster Seat

Campbell Kid

It’s exciting when children move from one stage to the next. The eruption of your baby’s first teeth, moving from bottle or formula to solids, taking that first baby step, and baby’s first words are all milestones to be celebrated by you and your little one.

Your child outgrowing their high chair is also a milestone, however it can sometimes be more difficult than walking, talking or teething.

Even when your child outgrows their high chair, they’re often too short to sit comfortably in a “grown up” chair. To compensate, they’ll often kneel on their chair, slide off cushions and often end up frustrated and tearful because it’s difficult to share family mealtimes with mum, dad and siblings. If they have older brothers or sisters, they want to copy them and don’t want to miss out on being part of family mealtimes.

Even older kids who have already started school may be too short for some adult-sized furniture. They certainly don’t want to use a toddler’s booster seat, and most kid’s booster seats are so unsightly, neither you or your child want to use them.

Mealtimes expert, Jo Turner, was having this discussion with her own son when she realised there was a real market for a big kid’s booster seat that helps kids to sit up at the table safely and comfortably – and that parents and kids will actually want to use.

The TooshCoosh was designed as a portable booster seat for the home, helping big kids to sit at the table for family mealtimes. However its small, lightweight design also means it’s ideal for use as a portable booster seat in restaurants, theatres or wherever your child needs an extra boost (except the car, of course, where an approved car seat is mandatory).

If only the TooshCoosh could get your kids to eat their vegetables, use table manners and not fight at the table – wouldn’t life be just perfect?