Feeding Messy Toddlers


Feeding messy toddlers can be eventful and challenging!

Between the tantrums and the mess toddlers make when eating, it can be very frustrating for parents.

Everyone wants a stress-free mealtime, however feeding messy toddlers can result in tantrums and make the meal difficult for the whole family. Your vision of a nutritious, relaxing family dinner just isn’t achievable when your toddler is screaming, hitting, biting, throwing things and generally bringing the whole house down.

Once toddlers are eating finger food and solids, it’s time to get them involved in family meals so they remain calm, eat a nutritious meal and learn to engage during family mealtimes.

However too often, they become frustrated when they want to sit up at the dinner table but they’re just not big enough. Or perhaps they’ve been snacking and are just not hungry – and it’s no fun sitting in a high chair watching everyone else eat.

Sometimes it will be a compromise – you may need to bring family mealtimes forward so everyone eats earlier. Alternatively, you may initially need to feed your toddler earlier than the rest of the family then give them a small healthy treat, such as fruit or yoghurt.

Whether eating with the family or before family mealtimes, feeding toddlers will still be messy. It really is fun to drop food, drinks and utensils to see how many times mum or dad will pick them up!

One way to contain the mess when feeding messy toddlers is by using a toddler tray.

Toosh Coosh toddler trays are colourful, engaging and easy to use, so kids love using them.

Parents love them because they’re hygienic, easy to wipe clean, dishwasher-safe and educational. Designed for home use, Toosh Coosh toddler trays are also light and portable enough to be a travel tray.

Feeding messy toddlers will never be easy – but a Toosh Coosh toddler tray will make it more relaxing and less messy!