Toosh Coosh FAQ’s:

We’ve put together some answers to the more common enquiries that we get about Toosh Coosh.

What makes Toosh Coosh  so soft? It’s made from expandable polyurethane foam that’s an environmentally friendly material so it won’t harm the planet and it’s soft and spongy so it’s comfortable for children’s little tooshes.

How does it stay on the chair without straps? Straps are not needed due to the unique design and circular grip pattern on the base of the product, for added safety which means the seat stays put with the weight of a child. Our research showed that it can be more dangerous if the seat is strapped on to a chair, with the weight of an older child they can easily bring the chair over with them as they fall.

Does it provide enough booster height? It provides juuust enough height for most children aged 3-4yrs depending on their individual size which can vary. Toosh Coosh is more than a booster it’s a support seat that can be used for many years as your children grow into their school years, its great for homework.

How much actual height boost does it provide?  Whilst the product is approx. 10cm in height the actual seat gives about 3-4 cm of boost which is the average height needed to reach most tables. The slim line design also means that Toosh Coosh is able to fit under most tables and allows enough leg room clearance between the table and chair for kids to sit comfortably.

Does it fit every type of chair? It fits most chairs round or square and can be used on all material including leather, fabric and timber. Toosh Coosh is not recommended for chairs without backs or some dome shaped seats.

How is seated posture improved? The front is raised so the child sits back down into the bum shaped seat so their legs are slightly elevated at the knee to improve circulation and promote good posture when seated.

How does it improve child safety? The unique bum shape design makes it harder for kids for wiggle around easily or fall off the chair easily.

Can it be used in a car? No, Toosh Coosh should not be used in motor vehicles as it does not meet the Australian Safety standards. There are many other products available for the car that are more suitable.

Does it come in any other colour? Whilst it can be made in any colour we currently only offer a selection of basic black or our new colour funky red.

Can it be used outdoors? Absolutely, Toosh Coosh is water resistant and not does fade or stain but we would not recommended you leave your Toosh Coosh in the hot sun for long periods of time as it may get too warm to sit on.

How long will the product last? Toosh Coosh will last for years, the environmentally friendly polyurethane material is very durable so you will get years of value out of this great product.

Can it be broken in anyway? It’s built to last with a strong integral skin however the product should not be misused, the surface could be pierced or broken with a sharp object or knife using extreme force.

Can you explain the postage rates? Commercial rates are set by Australia Post and we take an average to determine a flat rate cost of postage across all area’s.

Why is your delivery time so long? Being a small business our distribution runs are weekly at this stage and we rely on the wonderful services provided by Wesley Packaging Services who provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities. So whilst it’s 10-12 day delivery we are confident it will be worth the wait for your Toosh Coosh!

Can I purchase Toosh Coosh from a retail store? We have many on-line stockists who love our product and are expanding into retail with our distributor Lifestyle Parenting but with so many great products on the market it’s taking some time. So we need your HELP……next time your in a major retail store ASK them to stock Toosh Coosh!

To see a full list of where to buy Toosh Coosh go to the Retail tab.