Eating out with kids

eating out with kids

As parents, you want to enjoy eating out together and as a family. But but how do you get the kids to behave?

Getting your children to sit still and eat their dinner is hard enough at home, and almost impossible when you’re eating out. So how can you eat out with your little ones and get everyone to enjoy it?

It’s important to choose a child-friendly restaurant, one that is casual, with friendly staff and an underlying buzz so any kids’ noise is less noticeable. Make a reservation so you don’t have to wait – kids are easily bored so it’s best to avoid spending time in a queue.

Before trying a new restaurant, check it out first to see if there are families with kids and how they are being treated by staff and other diners. Also, check if there’s a kids menu and ensure it has meals your child will eat. If you need a highchair, specify this at the time of booking so staff can have it at your table.

Select an early mealtime so you’ll be seated and order your food before other diners arrive. This should mean your food arrives quickly and minimise the chance of your little ones becoming restless, bored, over-hungry or over-tired.

Young kids find it difficult to sit quietly and wait for their food and for others to finish eating, so pack some books or toys to amuse them. You could read to your child or get them playing (quiet) games while they wait for their meal to arrive. If your little ones are fussy eaters, you could also pack a snack in case they don’t like their meal or their food is delayed.

Toosh Coosh family mealtime solutions are convenient and portable, so you can even bring your Toosh Coosh portable booster seat and toddler tray to the restaurant.

Your child can sit up at the table and participate in conversation as they do at home with their Toosh Coosh portable booster seat.

The toddler tray will hold your child’s books toys until the meal arrives, then contain any mess during the meal. The restaurant staff – who are probably used to cleaning up after messy kids – will love you for it!

Eating out with kids should be fun for the whole family – and it is with Toosh Coosh!